So, you’ve found the perfect voice cast…
how much is it?

Onto Brass Tacks…

By now you’ve probably realized we are: a bit goofy, lighthearted and fun. But don’t get us wrong, when it comes to the quality of our work, we are dead serious.

We deliver in any format needed, from dirty 12 bit crushed audio up to crystal fidelity 192kbps 32bit wav files, and our world class hardware can make sure that every single nuance is captured in naked detail.

There are two ways we can quote your project:


Our 2017 studio rate is $190 USD / Hour. This includes Actor, Director, & Post Processing. If you know how many hours your project will roughly take, this will help you price it out on your own, though it’s always good to consult us for a final cost estimate.

Per Word

If you have a script ready, then all you need to do is send it to us and you can get a price based on word count. you can simply link us to a Google doc if you wish as well. All scripts we will receive will never be shared and will be treated with the utmost confidence.

Some other things to keep in mind when pricing out your work is how many actors you need, We have a 2 hour minimum per actor, so keep that in mind when you are submitting scripts with a lot of auxiliary characters.

Other Add-Ons

Skype/Discord listening and participation, where you can get another level of control over the outcome of the project. This is quoted per project, but generally will add around $60/hour.

Auxiliary Character Reads If you have a couple characters that must be reading to each other, you can add them into the recording sessions at a nominal fee, this will ensure that your characters will be delivering the lines to the right person, not necessarily the director. This is quoted per project based on actor availability.

Sounds Good, Let's do it!

Or, maybe you just want to test the waters…

A Voice Cast For Every Budget

We at “vapsquad” (it’s what we like to call ourselves) are happy to help out indie game devs by any means possible.
Whether you need quality at any cost – or need something on a strict budget, we are here to help.

  • Connector.Connector.


    One of our favorite ways to help people out is via our Twitch streams. We often need content for our shows, so it’s a win-win for everybody. To book a slot on the show it costs $50 (which you can buy right here in our web store). This entitles your script to be performed live on the air, after which you will get a link to a dropbox folder of all the professionally recorded material that happened on the show.
    Usually there are 3-4 different voices in the studio, so there is a huge possibility of range if you need more than 1 or 2 characters voiced! Orders will be filled in the… ahem… order they were received.

  • Connector.Connector.


    Need 100 words or less? Not in a huge rush?
    We used to be on, but since we launched our own e-commerce we decided to just do it all here. Simply order a $5 from the store with a note of your script and we will send it back to you within 14 days.
    In a rush? there are options for a quicker turnaround right there on the product page – You can also find out who is avaialable for such gigs on the product page as well.

Store items coming soon. In The meantime, please check our asset packs!

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