Starter Voice Pack – Frik The Guard – Afrikaans



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Need An Afrikaans NPC?

Frik is an Afrikaans Guard Pack that has all your common guard phrases as well as a few bonuses straight from the mind of @west_yyc (start panicking)

29 Lekker Sounds

With 29 (mostly) Afrikaans phrases and sounds, your guard will instantly come to life!

“Hou jou balle vas!”


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Sound List / Translations

vapsquad_guard_curious_01 “Who’s that?”
vapsquad_guard_curious_02 “Who was that?”
vapsquad_guard_curious_03 “What’s that noise?”
vapsquad_guard_alert_01 “Who’s there?”
vapsquad_guard_alert_02 “Show yourself!”
vapsquad_guard_alert_03 “Hey!”
vapsquad_guard_alert_04 “Stop!”
vapsquad_guard_alert_05 “Come back!”
vapsquad_guard_passive_01 “Now, how the [donder] did that happen?”
vapsquad_guard_passive_02 “No man, where are my pants?”
vapsquad_guard_passive_03 “It’s cold in here”
vapsquad_guard_passive_04 “No man, It’s cold out here $%!#”
vapsquad_guard_convo_01 “Random Chatter”
vapsquad_guard_convo_02 “Do you remember that last guy you shot?”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_01 “Threatening Phrase (Don’t make me come over there)”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_02 “I’ll be there soon”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_03 “I’ll be there soon (English)”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_04 “Talking about a woman’s hair (chatter)”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_05 “Hey! Gimmie back my gun (English)”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_06 “Hey! My gun is gone! Where’s my gun?”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_07 “You’re scratching a giant lion’s balls with a short stick!”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_08 “Shit, that’s nice!”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_09 “Oh! That’s beautiful”
vapsquad_guard_bonus_10 “It’s beautiful, look how nice it is!”