Free Voice Pack – 8 Bit Scientist Guy – @tannercollin



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Ever wanted to kill a scientist?

Don’t you hate it when scientists explain things to you? SO DO WE! Now is your chance to put a scientist in your game and kill him over and over!

27 Sounds!

With 27 (TWENTY SEVEN WHOLE SOUNDS!!!!) humorous and semi-meme inspired sounds, you can add a bit of personality to your scientists.


Free for a month from publish date. Don’t wait!

Want to get these packs BEFORE everybody else?

If you would like early access to these voice packs, support us on patreon! Also you will get FREE Small & Premium voice packs depending on your pledge!

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Sound List:

scientist_passive_01 Can’t talk, I’m calibrating my sensor array
scientist_passive_02 My ultrasonic resonator is out of phase
scientist_passive_03 I wonder that happens every time.
scientist_passive_04 Do you smell something burning?
scientist_passive_05 I wear my lab coat for warmth
scientist_passive_06 How odd…
scientist_passive_07 How… odd…
scientist_passive_08 Bonus
scientist_scared_01 Oh my!
scientist_scared_02 Noooooooo…
scientist_scared_03 This is just like gym class
scientist_scared_04 This is just like gym class
scientist_scared_05 My experiments!
scientist_scared_06 This was not in the job description
scientist_angry_01 You Fool!
scientist_angry_02 MY Multimeter !!!!
scientist_angry_03 How Dare You
scientist_angry_04 How COULD You?
scientist_angry_05 You Killed Him
scientist_pain_01 Ow!
scientist_pain_02 Ugggh!
scientist_pain_03 Ahhhhh!
scientist_dead_01 Aiieeeee
scientist_dead_03 Guhhhhhh
scientist_dead_04 Bluh….
scientist_dead_05 Glarblub