“Having Elijah record new voiceover for us immediately transformed our game VR Karts into a more professional, polished product. The turnaround time from request to delivery was very quick further highlighting how professional Elijah and his team are. We would highly recommend Elijah.”Neil - VR Karts (steam)

Elijah Lucian The Guy In The TV

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“We got a lot more than we expected. Elijah was really professional and the result was really high quality. I would suggest everybody who needs a bit of voice acting to use them. Thumbs up…”Dennis - Jazon And The Dead (PC)

Elijah Lucian Jazon
Kaela Caron Zoey


Stranded Deep

“Elijah was super easy to work with and his recordings are fantastic quality. His voice acting skills have breathed new life into our character!
10/10 would recommend.”Beam Team Games - Stranded Deep (steam)

Elijah Lucian The Survivor

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“I ordered voiceover and received magic.”David Zobrist - Orcs (Mobile)

Chad Caron The Orcs
Elijah Lucian Extra Orcs, Knights, Misc
Victoria Marie Spear Orc

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Ocelot Society (steam)

Christi Dos Santos Anele Johnson
Elijah Lucian ITS Corporation Guy

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Game Jam Entry – Storyyeller Games (steam)

Nancy Situ Caroline
Elijah Lucian Marc

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2GD Studios (In Development PC)

Chad Caron Yelly Announcer
Shylo Cliffe Renegade Personality Chip
Elijah Lucian Badass Personality Chip

All-stars dungeons and diamonds

Elias Zacarias (steam)

Anthony Vaney Match Narrator, Justice Hood
Kaela Caron Jill Ette, Master Theif
Elijah Lucian Announcer, Van Der Decken

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Pixel Mage

David Zobrist (Mobile)

Elijah Lucian Pixel Mage, Goblins, and of course, the Bunny.

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Final Breakthrough

David Zobrist (Mobile)

Shylo Cliffe Walter, Bastion
Nancy Situ Brittany
Elijah Lucian Rurikhan

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